glenaboutWith over 30 years of experience Glen has emerged as one of the finest tailors in South Florida.  As a child growing up his love for fashion led him to that industry. He attended the Jamaica School of Fashion where he learned the art of tailoring. He then went on to work for the Royal House of Tailoring in Kingston, Jamaica where he fine tuned the skills he had acquired.    After years of apprenticeship, training, and hard work, Glen decided to spread his wings and implement his own vision. He migrated to Miami, Florida  where he opened a boutique custom tailor shop in he Falls area of South Miami. It was here Glen obtained immediate recognition as one of the finest tailors in South Florida.    Today, Glen’s creations attract some of the most prestigious people in the Miami area. Basketball players, football players, judges, lawyers and doctors are only a few of the people that can be seen wearing Glen’s designs.

glenawardThe Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc’s., Pi Delta OMega Chapter nominated Glen’s Tailor Shop “One of the finest custom Tailor’s in South Florida” during their December 2010 Business Profile Gala. Ownder Glendon Smith was the recipient of the “Spirit of Entrepreneurship” award for being in business for over twenty years, offering excellent service and becoming an icon in the community.